Mine like never before!

Mine your heart away, with MinerBot, a global mining bot which offer weekly rewards for active users and makes your community stronger than ever!

Used by 90+ Servers.

Discord Server

300K+ Members

Discord Server

300K+ Members

Discord Server

300K+ Members

Discord Server

300K+ Members

What is Miner Bot?

Get started by grabbing the nearest pickaxe. Discover various mines, and collect every resource you see! Ready to upgrade? Enchant your pickaxe with efficiency, fortune, and much more, Seasons will reset every 6 months, with the top players gaining rewards. Make sure to stay on top of the leaderboard with !leaderboard

Our Features

Find our full documentation over at Docs.MinerBot.net


Every week, we reward our most active players with various payouts. These payouts include, Nitro Rewards, PayPal, Store Credit, and much more!

Season Reset

Seasons last every 6months, and at the end of each reset the top 3 players will receive massive benefits and payouts.

A-Z Mines

Discover various mines, all the way from A - Z. Enjoy ranking up and earning tokens, while you grind for prestige points.


Minerbot offers various openable crates, which give you a randomly generated in-game money and other rewards!

Ingame Ranks/Booster/Crates

We offer various in-game rewards, such as discord bot ranks, boosters, and various crates. These items will give you an in-game boost, which is applied globally across any server that Minerbot is in.

Discord Wide Profile

Check out your profile and progress across any server that our discord bot is in.

Any server that has MinerBot within there discord will allow you to access your profile and progress.

Pickaxe Upgrades

Grab the nearest pickaxe, and upgrade right away. In our shop, you can enchant your pickaxe with efficiency, fortune, mine-bomb, well as equip a token booster as well. For further detail, please visit here.


Once you have reached mine Z, you are able to prestige your account. Doing this will unlock one prestige point. With prestige points, you can unlock auto-mine, auto-sell, and even extra inventory space. Use these points wisely, as they are quite hard to earn!

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